Sales Management

Sales Research: Can You Help?

140625.mac reducedThis is a heads-up for our upcoming research project about best practices for selling research-based services in knowledge-intensive sectors.

The hypothesis is that i) selling such services is different from selling say products in B2B space; and ii) it is possible to identify sales paradigms or best practices that result in materially better sales performance than other sales paradigm and other practices.

Methodologically we will approach the project through 10-15 interviews with representatives of a number of leading advisory firms, research organizations, and universities / business schools. The output of the project will be summarized in a concluding whitepaper, scheduled for publication hopefully before Christmas 2014.

I will be supported by Mac McDougal from San Francisco, California in this endeavor. Mac has just joined Crisp Ideas on a part-time basis for the purpose of this project, with position as VP Social Media.  For more information about Mac, see

If you think this might be an interesting project, or just want to get involved, feel free to contact me on


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